Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's Tuesday, April 17th. I've been battling an allergic reaction the entire day. At the end of a busy day, trying to catch up with the emails, I receive a call from the construction teacher, Mr. O'Connell. He states, "Ms. Henry, there's someone with something that I want you to see." I said, "Sure."
It is way cool to see a sophomore honors student in Construction. I really like the fact that a young lady has decided to major in a non-traditional program. This was an "open project" which is basically a chance for students to do an original design before the teacher has the class start on the next major assignment in the curriculum.

Jazmine decided to design a curio shelf cabinet as a gift for her grandmother. She's 14 years old. I remember being 14 years old - vaguely. I do not remember ever having the patience, and self assurance to design a template, and accurately generate a plan with measurements.
I won't even talk about the use of the range and type of tools.

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