Friday, May 25, 2012

Check out the McKee Rock Band. Mr. Rob McHale, who is an administrator with CFN 405, saw our small musical ensemble at a Parent Cluster Meeting that he organized in November 2011. From doing that performance, he contacted Mr. Guarnieri (the conductor)
and invited us to perform at the 26th Annual Guidance Counselor Recognition Day Awards Ceremony. Mr. Guarnieri was honored, Mr. Ballestrino (Art Teacher and musician) was jazzed, the students were excited, and I was flabbergasted. Outside of our school, the band had not played any "gigs" in front of another audience. I must tell you, Mr. Guarnieri was the essence of cool. The students select the music, he does his magic with the music charts, and then they rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. It's May 23rd.
The guests are arriving. The plaques are laid out.
I know that I have to go to a principal's meeting scheduled on the same day. I text one of my colleagues that I will be late, because I have to see how the rock band will perform and to give emotional support. Plus, I can't help hovering to see how they will do. Who do I bump into but two members of the Chancellor's Advisory Council, two juniors:
Fredmalyn Williams and Kaelin Hernandez, who were recruited as greeters and ushers for the event. The band looked so crisp in their black and white. Click here to see a little clip of the music.

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