Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pilobolus at McKee - May 30, 2012

This May, McKee had the good fortune, through the Hope and Inspiration Grant, to have Pilobolus do a 5 week workshop. Pilobolus is a dance company known for their unusual, creative, intensely complicated, collaborative movements. The students learned from dance instructors how to work together to move, to play - energetically, and teamwork. The students also learn how to improvise as soloists and as a team. The students also learn an invaluable lesson of being able to express themselves in a manner that has an impact on other areas of their life. The perseverance they use to see a project through to the end. It was lovely to see the students not only go through the various exercises they experienced, but also to reflect on the experience and the new acquaintances made during the series. Hearing the students articulate their thoughts about how the process of exploring movement was an avenue for them to become more assertive, or more confident, or just tap into a deeper source of energy and creativity was eye opening.

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