Saturday, June 23, 2012

Eric Jensen's Tools for Maximum Engagement

I read Teaching with the Brain in Mind about 8 years ago. The book was fascinating and insightful. Click here to see Eric Jensen explain the central concepts. Towards my final days as an assistant principal, I would try to incorporate some of the techniques mentioned in this book. I thought I experienced some success using a few techniques out of the many indicated in the book.  Well - my friends - I am here to say I barely, minutely scratched the surface.

I recently went to a two day seminar by Eric Jensen, famed educator, noted author, and amazing workshop facilitator, entitled "Tools for Maximum Engagement." The take aways:
1) A person's "states" affect his or her learning.
2) Brain-based compatible learning activities are a blast.
3) Treat your mind and body to one of Mr. Jensen's seminars.

As I continue to experiment and work with teachers and my class I will try to share my understandings. 

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