Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The SkillsUSA Awards Ceremony occurred today, Wednesday, june 6th, 2012. It was almost entirely student run. I said three lines which mainly was welcome and congratulations to members of the audience. From that point on the Skills USA officers entered and put the members through the paces of conducting a meeting. The faculty who attended are my witness. It was fascinating. The student officers were dressed in red blazers, stated the purpose of the meeting, indicated it was a time of celebration, presented a PowerPoint highlighting favorite moments from the regional conference, citywide competition and statewide competition. This was the first time that I saw what the students do in a formal setting. I'll tell you how deeply moving it was to the parents. At the end of the ceremony, after the officers thanked the four advisors, gave them plaques, and the last of the awards were distributed, the parents sat quietly staring at the empty stage. One of the McKee advisors went onto the stage and dismissed the audience. The proceedings were deliberate, thoughtful, effective, and thorough. It will be fascinating to see how this particular group grows in the upcoming school year.

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