Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Beautiful Day at the DANA Ford/Lincoln Fundraiser For McKee

Today was a beautiful, clear day for the 3rd annual fundraiser sponsored by DANA Ford/Lincoln car dealership on Staten Island for the McKee High School Auto Department. 

When this picture was taken it was 10:30 a.m. in the morning. Once again Mr. Ron Peleg, a main supporter and executive at DANA Ford/Lincoln worked with our intrepid Mr. Sarno, Auto Instructor at McKee, in organizing an opportunity to support the CTE program. 

The new twist this year was to have the fund raising event at DANA Ford/Lincoln's business on 266 West Service Road. I had a chance to tour the facility as well as see the site of the new building that will take it's place by February 2013. The design and layout of the new building will be impressive.

I also saw two McKee graduates who are now working at DANA Ford, one as a mechanic, the other in the Parts Department. As a principal, seeing young men at the very start of their career, able to support themselves, and in a company that promotes ongoing educational and automotive opportunities makes one feel very good.

Here comes the part that was simply out of this world.
1. I had a chance to drive a Lincoln MKX. Every time a passerby or customer within the dealership test drove a car, the company contributes $20 to the school. The Drive - A - Thon is a wonderful fundraiser. Test driving luxury cars is an out of body experience. I felt like I was riding on a perfectly formed cushion of air. Plus I kept hearing Ricardo Montalban's voice saying "corinthian leather," each time I saw the different features in the car.

2. There were 5 different cars that customers and those passing by could test drive. The red SUB/Crossover Lincoln MKS was quite a smooth ride. 

I also had a chance to see up close and person the Ford F-150 truck with a Harley Davidson moniker on the side. My immediate impression - "that's a big truck."

3. Here's the desligtful surprise. Mr. Peleg and the representatives from DANA Ford/Lincoln extended the time for customers to participate in the Drive-a-thon past the 3 p.m. deadline. Talk about a partnership between a business and a school. In the words of Mr. Peleg, "...supporting McKee means supporting the future."

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