Sunday, March 17, 2013

McKee HS First Time Ever at SI St. Pat's Parade

 Here we come. . .Walking down the street . . .

Hey, hey, we are. . .
 McKee High School . . .

Staten Island knows how to throw a parade. Guess who was there for the first time EVER?  The answer,  McKee High School. I am 'green and gold' proud of members of the Student Organization, the members from the McKee High School Chapter of Skills USA, the PTA and the SLT.

Thank you to Mr. Mark Beyer, PTA President, who was responsible for creating the banner and placards. Big hugs to Ms. Ashley Dell'Olio (3rd from the left) our student government and COSA Coordinator for her perseverance, even when it looked as if it was an impossible mission for a school with no marching band or history of being in a parade to march, for the first time --EVER-- in the 2013 St. Patrick's Day Parade. Thank you to Ms. Kenavan, (2nd from left) our yearbook coordinator, who supports "green and gold." I did a little Irish jig when I saw the McKee HS heading towards Hart  Boulevard and making the turn onto Forest Avenue.
Go Seagulls!
Go Green and Gold!

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