Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures from the NHS Induction Ceremony - 5/23/13

Here are a few pictures from the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony that took place on Thursday, May 23, 2013.
The ceremony started with the color guard and proceeded through awarding the speeches and awarding the certificates.

How did McKee Perform at the 2013 Citywide Graphic Arts Competition?

Mr. Gordon's tiny team of titans entered the 12th Annual Citywide Graphics Arts Competition at City Tech on Friday, May 24, 2013. Want to know how Ralph R. McKee CTE High School perform? Here it goes:
1st place - Graphics Design
2nd place - Graphics Design
2nd place - Package Design

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Skills USA Awards Ceremony - May 22, 2013

The SkillsUSA Awards Ceremony was lovely. I enjoy the fact that the students run the entire ceremony and arrange al of the major details using parliamentary procedure. Check out the pictures.

While waiting for the SkillsUSA Awards Ceremony to start at McKee High School, I received two really neat pieces of news.
The first was an email from the program manager from PENCIL Fellows. Check it out:

Dear Ms. Henry,

I just wanted to send you a quick note about one
of your students, Elon James – he is participating in our Pencil fellows program, a job and career readiness program that includes a paid, six week internship. Last night, we selected Elon to represent the Fellows program at our annual Gala, which is our organization’s largest source of fundraising - and he did such a fantastic job that I wanted I share that with you. He held his own registering guests and interacting with hundreds of business executives and a variety of high level guests. I was both so proud and impressed that I wanted to share this with you - Elon was professional, mature, and just did an overall excellent job.

All the best,


Marina Zhavoronkova
Program Manager
30 West 26th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10010
646 638 6425

The second piece is a picture I received from one of our graduates from the Class of 2012 - Ivan Carillo
One cannot help but smile.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Support Ralph R. McKee's PTA!!! 
Love Coffee? Love Tea?

Love Hot Chocolate?
Love organic supplements?

 Check it out:

Monday, May 13, 2013

Amazing presentation by Mykee Fowlin.  He is a psychologist, and actor who presents an engrossing message that covers a range of topics to reach high school students. We targeted the 9th grade to hear his potent message about self worth, confidence, and anti-bullying. The students were transfixed. Check out his site: 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Kristin Kenavan - St. John's Education Award Honoree

St. John's University had their 8th Annual Education Awards Dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn. You will quickly see, in a flash, in fact the very first frozen shot (don't blink you'll miss it) a picture of the McKee table. St. John's University celebrated the heroic efforts of teachers, staff, parents, students, and administrators towatrds providing relief for Hurricane Sandy victims.

The event was covered on NY1. Check it out:

Here's what I wrote for the journal:

There are many countless stories of the efforts of the Ralph R. McKee Career and Technical Education High School community to reach out to their neighbors after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. The Guidance Department, on Election Day, travelled to the homes of all of the students who lived in the affected areas and knocked on doors to check on their status and to spread the news that McKee was open, warm, with food, and a safe place. Some members of the Guidance Department outreached to Project Hope, which helped to provide extensive relief to families who were dispossessed from their homes. Some staff members went to the homes of other staff members who had lost all of their earthly belongings and helped to rebuild their home, recover valuables, and navigate the red-tape of FEMA and all the other government agencies.

David Sarno, our Automotive Technology teacher, contacted a school upstate, Unadilla Valley Central School, in Upstate New York, who sent a truck of school supplies, and  cleaning equipment, which was then dispersed to families in need. Kathleen Eberlein, our Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel Services, contacted an agency that yielded 40 back packs. Joanne Klages, our Social Worker, was the hub to which students could turn to when they needed emotional, social, and nutritional resources.  

Students and staff organized a clothing drive. Students presented staff members who suffered the most severe losses with care baskets. Jeff Pedersen, our Programmer, was the coordinator for the shelter at Susan Wagner High School long after the schools re-opened to attend to the needs of the people who were homeless as a result of the hurricane.
Although the entire McKee community stepped up to the plate to assist our students who were affected by the hurricane, Ms. Kristin Kenavan went "above and beyond." Ms. Kenavan went door to door to the homes of our students to make sure that they were ok. She drove up and down the streets of those affected areas, handing out food and clothing to those in need. She ran into a family sitting in their car shortly after the hurricane and literally took her coat off her back, and gave them whatever money she had in her pocket. She became the 'go to" person for other staff members to find out information about our students. Kristen's classroom became the "holding room" where staff members would bring in food, clothing and toiletries for Kristen to take with her as she drove from door to door helping those in need.

For this reason we acknowledge Kristin's efforts and appointed her to gratefully accept the honor bestowed on our school from St. John’s University.

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