Friday, September 13, 2013

Tips 1-5: From the Classroom to Your Room

Instructional Tip 1 - Have a calendar hanging in the classroom. Point to it. Provide an overview of the assignments that will be covered for the day, and for the week.
Instructional Tip 2 – The summary is crucial to seal the deal on the lesson. I use guiding questions. Make sure it is in big bold letters in an eye catching color:
  i.         What did you learn?

ii.         Why was it important?

iii.         How did you learn it?

Instructional Tip 3 – A good sampling of Cornell notes based on a rubric makes a sharp bulletin board inside the room! I plan to post the Cornell notes of students who receive exemplary grades.

Instructional Tip 4 - Have students create an “Instagram” word wall. This idea is courtesy of “KK” Kenavan.

Instructional Tip 5 - Have students create a word wall in the computer room using the vocabulary sandwich template (idea courtesy of Noreen Mullen).

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