Saturday, December 7, 2013

Response Cards: Quick Formative Assessment Techniques

Turning Technologies Clicker

There are many ways to formatively assess what students understand about a topic. Acquiring Turning Technology Clickers is a hi-tech solution. A set of 32 clickers is approximately $1200. The software is plug in and play, user friendly and can provide a rich field of data. For example, one is able to find out the percent of students who marked each answer on a question. One can assign a specific clicker to a student. If one does not have the time to assign student names, put a number on a desk and the clicker number is matched to the number on the student's desk. Click here for more information about Turning Technologies clickers.

Yes / True / ABCD Response Cards

The flip side of the Response Cards

For a low-tech solution, try using response cards. When it is time to ask a survey question in class after 5 to 8 minutes of explicit instruction, tell students to hold up a YES or NO card. The YES card has NO on the other side. Get card stock paper. Use "Table" in Microsoft Word and make large 4 by 4 squares on the 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Use a paper cutter so that now one has a class set of cards. Encourage students to raise their hand high and in order to count the responses. One can easily select those students who said NO and use the arrow of recitation or "pass it on" for students to express their views.

The YES/NO card can easily be transformed into TRUE/FALSE.

Suppose you want to use regents level questions and want a quick way to see how many students are able to select the answer. Use 200 point font to create A-B-C-D on one side of the 8.5 x 11 inch paper and E-F-G-H on the opposite side of the paper. Use "Table" in Microsoft Word to make large 4 by 4 squares. Copy the letters onto cardstock. Use the paper cutter. Since a student is now dealing with four letters on each side, one needs to go to the 99 cent store or Costco to get the ziploc baggies in which the letters are placed at the end of class or after the end of that section of the lesson. 

Click here to check out the three different response card templates.

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