Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Race to April 11th

Saturday, March 8th, was action packed. I had Saturday School, PTA meeting; and a short cabinet meeting to chart the next school wide initiative for writing. On the very same day approximately 40 students met at 6:30 a.m. in the morning for the citywide SkillsUSA competition in Queens. I pray that the students had a good time at the SkillsUSA competition and come back cherishing the fun, the level of competition, and the interaction amongst the wide range of like-minded peers from other schools.

It's Sunday, and I am fighting the last remainders, hopefully, of the flu.  I am at home continuing to enter  low inference evidence for teacher evaluations. It's a race. I have 15 evaluations left to do by April 11th, which means I have to be focused like a laser. As I sit here, typing and munching on toast and drinking tea, there are fans gathering at South Shore High School to see the PSAL "A" Boys Varsity Game for the quarter finals. MSIT is one of the teams in competition. I pray for a miracle for those intrepid young men to advance to the next level.

The theme for this week and the upcoming weeks until and through June 30th is best indicated in the title of Susie Morgenstern's children's book, I Will Make Miracles.  I received a copy of this children's book from the head educator of the city system, as did all principals, to provide inspiration and ongoing motivation. Time to dig deep and continue to shape and provide the environment for "miracles."

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