Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sharing Road to College Stories To Build a Post Secondary Culture

I wanted to use an idea that I got from the September AVID Newsletter about jump-starting the school year by having staff wearing college and/or post-secondary swag. When I tried getting a group picture of the teachers in their college swag - the idea went over like a lead balloon.

Ever intrepid, and hard-headed, I decided to promote the fact that every Thursday, I am encouraging teachers to wear college/post-secondary swag so that students can ask about the steps it took to go from high school to college. It creates aculture of exchange information about the path to post-secondary options. I then emailed the staff to take a "selfie" and respond to three prompts:  
a.  Share a habit or activity that made you successful in high school so that you were able to go to college/post-secondary institution. How did that habit or activity help?
b.  Share a turning point that helped you decide to go to college/post-secondary institution.
c.  Share a college/post-secondary institution success story.
Email your reflection and selfie/photo sporting the swag to me so that I may post it on the bulletin boards.

To jump start the process, I took pictures of 2 faculty members who were sporting college swag and captured their responses to the prompts. I then posted it on a bulletin board outside my office.  
As the bulletin board builds, I will share what is said - of course I'll make sure to get permission to share before posting.  

By 2 p.m., several faculty members were reading the bulletin board and were composing their responses.  I look forward to seeing what happens.  I also want to see how this becomes linked to students responding to faculty, administration and staff reflections.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Power-up Article - 1st African American Woman to Head ABA

Time to check in on role models for young ladies. Check out Paulette Brown by clicking here to read an article.  

One can also check out this article - worth a read:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Apple College Fair

The Big Apple College Fair is fast approaching. There is a new service available to help students and their parents get to the fair this year. There will be a shuttle bus that will stop at several locations throughout the city to pick up students and their parents and bring them to the fair. Attached is an informational flyer for students along with the Big Apple College Fair flyer:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Costa's Levels of Questions - Effective Explanation

Every day is a day for instruction. The APs and I make 5 minute pit-stops to coach. The feedback sessions are quick and informal. The goal - to jump start the implementation of rigor in the classroom through (W)riting, (I)nquiry, (C)ollaboration, (O)rganization, and (R)eading.

2. Set the ground rules for how to use Cornell Notes. 
   You do it-the students watch. 
   You do it-the students help. 
   Students do it - you help. 
   Students do it - you watch and evaluate. Rubrics are needed:

or copy and paste it in your browser for a 5 minute explanation about Costas Levels of Questions. 
The video is for the teacher to view and NOT the class. 
The video provides a clear explanation about the three levels of questions. Students comprehend the three levels of questions when it is connected to a reading you are doing in the classroom.

   You the teacher, have to follow it up with a reading selection in which you have preplanned level 1, 2 and 3 questions. It works when the text is challenging - which most texts are written 1-2 years above grade level. The reading selection can be a page, a paragraph from a newspaper, video with short reading selection or internet site. Modeling is key.
          --> You do it-the students watch. 

          -->You do it-the students help. 
        -->Students do it - you help. 
          -->Students do it - you watch and evaluate. 
Once again rubrics are needed:

Friday, September 5, 2014

ACT - SAT Information

Calling all McKee Juniors and Seniors - 

Check out the ACT. One must score a minimum of a 24 for the colleges to flock to your door at:

Need information on the SAT - then move your mouse to the following link:

Need a refresher on the topics in the ACT and the SAT, here are two great sites:

Apture Multimedia