Sunday, September 7, 2014

Costa's Levels of Questions - Effective Explanation

Every day is a day for instruction. The APs and I make 5 minute pit-stops to coach. The feedback sessions are quick and informal. The goal - to jump start the implementation of rigor in the classroom through (W)riting, (I)nquiry, (C)ollaboration, (O)rganization, and (R)eading.

2. Set the ground rules for how to use Cornell Notes. 
   You do it-the students watch. 
   You do it-the students help. 
   Students do it - you help. 
   Students do it - you watch and evaluate. Rubrics are needed:

or copy and paste it in your browser for a 5 minute explanation about Costas Levels of Questions. 
The video is for the teacher to view and NOT the class. 
The video provides a clear explanation about the three levels of questions. Students comprehend the three levels of questions when it is connected to a reading you are doing in the classroom.

   You the teacher, have to follow it up with a reading selection in which you have preplanned level 1, 2 and 3 questions. It works when the text is challenging - which most texts are written 1-2 years above grade level. The reading selection can be a page, a paragraph from a newspaper, video with short reading selection or internet site. Modeling is key.
          --> You do it-the students watch. 

          -->You do it-the students help. 
        -->Students do it - you help. 
          -->Students do it - you watch and evaluate. 
Once again rubrics are needed:

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