Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sharing Road to College Stories To Build a Post Secondary Culture

I wanted to use an idea that I got from the September AVID Newsletter about jump-starting the school year by having staff wearing college and/or post-secondary swag. When I tried getting a group picture of the teachers in their college swag - the idea went over like a lead balloon.

Ever intrepid, and hard-headed, I decided to promote the fact that every Thursday, I am encouraging teachers to wear college/post-secondary swag so that students can ask about the steps it took to go from high school to college. It creates aculture of exchange information about the path to post-secondary options. I then emailed the staff to take a "selfie" and respond to three prompts:  
a.  Share a habit or activity that made you successful in high school so that you were able to go to college/post-secondary institution. How did that habit or activity help?
b.  Share a turning point that helped you decide to go to college/post-secondary institution.
c.  Share a college/post-secondary institution success story.
Email your reflection and selfie/photo sporting the swag to me so that I may post it on the bulletin boards.

To jump start the process, I took pictures of 2 faculty members who were sporting college swag and captured their responses to the prompts. I then posted it on a bulletin board outside my office.  
As the bulletin board builds, I will share what is said - of course I'll make sure to get permission to share before posting.  

By 2 p.m., several faculty members were reading the bulletin board and were composing their responses.  I look forward to seeing what happens.  I also want to see how this becomes linked to students responding to faculty, administration and staff reflections.

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