Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mir Ali's Post Secondary Reflection

Mir Ali, McKee Class of 2014 stopped by Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014.
He is at CSI majoring in Business Marketing. Check out his post secondary reflection:

I took AP English in my senior year. All we did was write essays.  In college, all we do is write essays. Due to Ms. Mullen, essays are easy in college.  It is as easy as making cereal. The lowest grade that I have received is a B. The rest of my classmates at CSI complain and they came from other schools from around New York City.

Due to the fact that I have essay writing down pat, it gives me more time to study the other courses in college. It gives me time to study for Accounting and Calculus. My approach to tackling those courses is to be part of a study group.  I have to be around other people who help me think and deal with the content in those courses.

        A success story that I can share that recently happened in college was when I got a score from a Calculus test. I was nervous. I remembered how good Mr. Ringer was as a teacher. I used the information from his notes, and I took good notes in Mr. Ringer’s class. The result - I received a B on the Calculus test.

        My advice to all seniors – go for the scholarships. Apply to them. Network yourself so that you have access to the internships.

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