Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thank you notes from Pathway to AVID class on 11.26.14

This was a busy Wednesday. As I was busily bustling about the office, and the halls, and answering emails, I see one of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) teachers, Ms. Gorgolione, enter the outer office asking for scotch tape from the secretary.  I almost always have my door open, so I assumed (don't say it - I know the rule about when one "assumes" but I did it anyway) that she was posting a note on her door in order to direct students to report to the computer room.

Later when I hear the bell ring for the next period class and I check on hall passing and step through several offices checking on "stuff" I come back to the front of my inner office and this is what I see:

On a positively bleary, slick, rain and sleet - filled Wednesday - her Pathway to AVID students wrote thank you notes for a presentation I did earlier in the week. AVID is a "magnet" program at McKee High School, The students travel as a class to each course and have an additional elective course which helps provide them with critical thinking and problem solving skills to advance their abilities to be college ready. Pathway to AVID is a step program for those students who have literacy and numeracy issues and therefore did not have the grades to get into AVID program yet their parents wish for them to have exposure to the same methodologies through incorporating an even wider range of pedagogical strategies to capture the students. Here's a peek at some of the contents from the thank you notes.



A neat way to start the Thanksgiving Holiday. Happy Turkey Day to all.

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