Monday, December 22, 2014

Antrico Forbes - Post Secondary College story at SUNY Cortland

Antrico Forbes, McKee Class of 2011, will graduate from SUNY Cortland on May 2015. Antrico stopped by McKee High School. I corralled him to share his post secondary story: 
College: SUNY Cortland
Geographic Information Systems Major
Graduation Date – May 2015

Swimming is the habit that I developed in high school. It’s the reason why I got into SUNY Cortland. My grades were not always the best. Lord knows I was in Ms. Henry’s office –often. The grades part is just as important as sports. Swimming got me in the door for college. I was undecided my freshman year at SUNY Cortland. I took architecture at McKee. I could not draw manually. I always had an ability to know how to apply computer applications. Learning Auto CAD was useful. Using that application is coming back as at SUNY Cortland, we are making 3-d Google Earth models of the campus. We are also using Google Sketch Up. It is an online drawing application to make houses. Consider it architectural modeling.
A high school diploma is not enough. You need a bachelor’s to get a foot in the door for many places. I will be starting my job search January 2015 and I have a significant head start due to the internships and connections I have made.
I decided to go away to college because many older people said that it would be the best four years of my life. I think going away was crucial. I also joined a fraternity, Theta Chi. I, of all people, am part of the Greek system. The amount of connections one will have later on down the line is instrumental. I have matured a lot. Mom and Dad are four hours away. I can truly say I found myself at college. Your room mate is not going to wake you up for classes.
This past summer, I interned for the city of Cortland. I digitized their complete water and sanitary systems. The town’s mayor was my mentor. The internship I now have is with SUNY Cortland. There were only four positions available. 40 students applied. I landed one of the four positions. Once again, making a proper impression and connections, plus knowing information technology was and is crucial. One thing leads to another. When I finished and presented the project for the town of Cortland, I was spotted for another internship for the town of Virgil.
I look forward to May 2015.

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