Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kelly Sosayaz - Operations Specialist - Post Secondary Success

I so enjoy when students stop by to indicate where they are now in their lives. Operations specialist Kelly Sosayaz.

Here's her story:

Kelly Sosayaz
McKee Class of 2014
Operations Specialist – U. S. Navy

I used to spend all of my time in Mr. Gordon’s class. He was the one that would help me out with finding a successful way out of high school. He would make me stay for HAI so that I wouldn’t be in the streets doing inappropriate activities.

I wanted to become independent. I joined the Navy. You can make your own decisions and not have to depend on anyone else. The Navy provides a career that I can follow. The learning that I received from McKee High School provided hands on training and that is useful as the Navy provides hands on training.

My ability to follow orders is making me successful in the Navy. I study and dedicate my time to school so that I can graduate. I want to make the Navy my career. In fact, I plan to earn my Masters, for free, through the Navy. Right now I have 15 college credits that I earned from participating in Basic Training and School.

My advice to seniors: “don’t mess up.”  Listen to the advice people have to give you. Find something that you want to follow as a career and go for it.  Don’t let anything stop you from pursuing what you want to accomplish. The worse thing in life is to waste your talent.

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