Friday, January 23, 2015

McKee Grad Now Apprentice Graphic Arts Teacher

Michael DiMartino stopped by McKee today. He will be apprenticing as a Graphics Design teacher with Mr. Gordon starting February 2nd, 2015. Here is Michael's post-secondary success reflection:

Michael DiMartino
McKee 2011
Pratt Institute, AB 2013
Success via Internship Apprentice: Graphic Design Teacher

The behavior that was crucial for me to constantly apply in order to matriculate through McKee was that I never procrastinated. It is very easy to get backed up with work in high school.  I came from a private grammar school. I graduated with 17 students. When I entered McKee I initially felt overwhelmed. The staff is amazing at McKee. Once I started talking and making friends I realized I was not alone. I realized many people felt the same way. Acquiring that knowledge will help you make your way through McKee.
Show initiative! One should go and ask “What more can I do?” You have to show the teachers that you are willing to go the extra mile. What also pushed me at McKee was that my brother attended the school and achieved great grades. He landed a successful career after high school.  I could see that my brother was rewarded for his great effort. My brother’s successes helped to motivate me when I attended McKee and continue to be a source of inspiration.
You are going to notice that I am starting to build up many degrees. More degrees, and more training equals having more choices and building a stronger career.  A stronger career leads to money. I realize while money is not everything; it gives you power and decisions. Ever since I was young, I have embraced that I care. I am willing to say to my employer, “What can I do to further enhance the business?”
My advice to McKee students: always be professional.  When you think someone is not looking, realize that someone is ALWAYS looking. I know from personal experience, people look at your conduct, hear your conversation, and scrutinize how you present yourself with the general public.
Your teachers can be your biggest advocates – particularly when you need that recommendation letter for jobs and for colleges. Those people, the teachers, your instructors, are the ones that will take the time to write that important correspondence if you have make consistent, distinctive, positive impressions showing that you care about your grades, attendance, and life choices, throughout your stay at McKee.

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