Friday, January 16, 2015

Ortega and Simas, McKee Graduates of 2014 Share Their Post Secondary Reflections

Adriana Ortega, 2014 graduate from McKee High School, visited with Kayla Simas on Thursday, January 16, 2017. Here's Adriana's post secondary reflection.
Adriana Ortega
McKee 2014
Cosmetology NYS Exam

          Being responsible and having good communication skills were the habits that I felt and still feel are important to get through high school. In Cosmetology, you have to be able to talk to clients and be a good listener. I had Mr. Marelli for four years as my AVID elective teacher. He helped to guide my path through McKee.

          I want to build my knowledge and education to be a certified makeup artist. Later on I want to move from New York City and work in California to widen the client base.

          My advice to all McKee students would be to stay motivated and determined about what you want to do with your life. Since I knew I wasn’t going to college, I knew I needed a Plan “B”. My Plan “B” is first, get my license. Second, go to Beauty School and continue working at a salon so that my thinking and skill set becomes even more professional and marketable. Manhattan – here I come.

 Kayla Simas, 2014 graduate from McKee High School, stopped by, Thursday, January 16, 2017. Here's what's happening her post secondary reflection:
Kayla Simas
McKee 2014
Mercy College – Homeland Security

          I think having teachers and staff that push you to head for college is very important. Mr. Marelli, my AVID teacher, focused on college since freshman year which guided me towards the type of college I am presently attending. Another person who stood out was Ms. Pezzolo. From her making the class repeatedly writing essays, I found that I gained the capability to complete the written assignments from the college professors. In fact, one of my professors wanted me to join his writing class in the fall.

          To get through the AVID program, I would advise all students to actually pay attention and focus. I majored in Drafting/Auto CAD at McKee. I changed my major in college when I found that I was interested in Homeland Security: Counter Terrorism.
          The skill set I learned in AVID was organization which is invaluable in college. I learned that you have to turn things in on time. Students have to realize that when you get into college, you might have a professor, like I did my first semester, who if you turned in an assignment one minute late, docked you 5 points. Let’s just say I have a GPA of 3.93 – which is all A’s and one A-. The A- I received was from the one professor, who penalized anyone who was late.     

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