Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Probation Officer Edward March - Post Secondary Reflection

Check out the post secondary success story of Edward March, a graduate of McKee High School in 1984.

Edward March
NYC Probation Officer
McKee ‘84
Southern Conn. State University, BS 1988

The activity that helped me through McKee was being on three sports teams: football, basketball and baseball teams when I attended McKee High School. I made Daily News All Star and SI Advance All Star in football. I learned that you have to be disciplined, and focused on passing the grades.
       I had an athletic director, Mr. Bob Steele, who made me focus on my academics. He made me study, and made me responsible towards following up on my grades. He made me go to tutoring. I had to pass the writing exam in order to graduate high school.
       I had several offers from different colleges. My football coach, Kevin Gilbride, who became the offensive coordinator for the NY Giants, wanted me to do well. He had a saying, “what happens when the cheering stops. You have to have your education. You have to focus on life after football.”
       I knew that I was going to college ever since I was 5 years old. One of my biggest supporters in my family was my aunt.  She always wanted me to be the first one to graduate college from my family. She was my inspiration to keep striving. When she passed, although I was sad, I was determined to accomplish the goal.
       I have been working as a NYC probation officer for 22 years. I am proud to be a McKee Seagull. McKee is the school that helped me to get my scholarship, which was the first step towards my career.

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