Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Roller coaster of Leadership

Today was a roller coaster of leadership. I learned in the morning that 5 students from the Software Engineering Program at McKee High School would be involved in the NYC Department of Education Pathfinders Mentorship Program.  Only 28 students were accepted into this mentorship program in the city. The students will be exposed to a 6 week job shadowing experience.

Sending out a congratulatory email to the teacher and offering kudos to the students is the feel good portion of today's entry.

Here's the plummeting off the first hill of a roller coaster - I also learned that one of my students made a very poor choice, which will have consequences not only for that particular student but for the family as well.

What to do?  For all  principals, always contact counsel in the legal division.  In addition make sure the senior counsel and the Safety Division Officer are in communication with one another so that all speak with one voice and a streamlined piece of advice.

As an educational leader, reach out to the family so that they are brought into the process. The big insistent push - break through the wall of "I have to go to work" of the family members and the wall of toughness projected by the student. Simply and quietly state the truth of the consequences.

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