Tuesday, February 3, 2015

First Day as an SVA Graphics Arts Teacher - Introducing Mr. DiMartino

Check out our latest Success Via Apprentice (SVA) Graphics Arts Teacher, Mr. Michael DiMartino, (left - just visiting; right - first day of class) co-teaching with Mr. Leo Gordon in room 409.  I stopped by and took a picture on Tuesday, February 3, 2015.  I could not stop smiling.  Wait - dig this - one of the students (eyes as round as saucers) in the sophomore class asked Mr. Gordon, "Mr. Gordon, you taught Mr. DiMartino? Michael gives his classic quiet smile. Mr. Gordon says, "Yes. I'm just that old. Here's what is so neat about this unique opportunity. This gentleman will be able to facilitate your being able to critically problem solve through the full range of issues you encounter as you progress through the different projects.

Way cool moment. Plus, Mr. DiMartino has joined the ranks of being perceived by a teenager as being an "adult - who actually, at one point, sat in the same seat I am now sitting in this class."

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