Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Two McKee HS Construction Students Accepted Into Division of School Facilities Internship

Congratulations to Joed Diaz and Zimzam King for being accepted into the Division of School Facilities Internship (DSF).
To be accepted into the internship, the students were vetted by their Constructional Technology instructor, Mr. Dennis O'Connell. Next, resume in hand, the students "dressed for success" traveled from Staten Island to Mark Twain Junior High School, which is 2 hours. They arrived at 12:30. The interview was scheduled at 1 p.m.
First impressions are powerful. When the interviewers saw the two young men walking down the hall, a half hour early, looking crisp, radiating knowledge, energy, and focus, the interviewers said aloud, "you're from McKee."
Note how the interviewers greeted them: Not "what school are you from?" Not, "Who are you young men?" Not, May I ask why you are here?" It is a powerful life lesson that when education, opportunity and preparation combine together, doors open.

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