Saturday, March 21, 2015

2nd SEP Hackathon Results - Congratulations to all

The 2nd SEP Hackathon has just concluded. Let me take a moment to speak on behalf of the judges: Mr. DeFilippo, Ms. Mahlooji, Mr. Lombardo (Guest Judge), Mr. Kapur (Guest Judge), and I to indicate how ecstatic I am with the range of creativity and ideas that I heard and saw.
Here are the results:

First Place - Meme Dream Team who devised a learning environment survey prototype app

Second Place - The Four Amigos Team who devised an feed to make it easier to access the features on the McKee website.

Third Place - Distracted Driving Team who devised a game to indicate the dangers of texting while driving with room to explore other methods that could compromise

Fourth Place - UJAME who devised a web application that would help students "de-stress" from their day by looking at soothing cool colors and motivational quotes.

Honorable Mention - Virtual Wallet who wanted to have one method for students to have access to a range of information on a mobile app: ID, to funds.

It is an adrenaline rush to see young minds whirring and crafting possibilities.

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