Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Post Secondary Success Story of Raja Kapur - McKee 2005

     Students from Ralph R. McKee CTE High School are upstairs participating in the Software Engineering Program (SEP) Hack-a-thon. The focus will be on developing mobile apps. Two former students of Mr. Pedersen stopped by to support the students and to see Mr. P. One alumnus is Raja Kapur, and here is his post secondary success story.

Raja Kapur
McKee 2005
CTO, Shoptiques

I was always interested in IT and that’s what drove me to McKee High School.  It was over an hour in travel time, as I lived by the mall.  Being in the CISCO program helped me to know how my skills compared to my peers and what areas I needed to improve. Being in a group setting helped me to push my boundaries and capabilities.  When you work by yourself you do not have a comparison in order to know how well you are achieving.  The set up at McKee in the CISCO gave me the confidence in my skills to be able to apply them both professionally and educationally.
McKee helped me get an internship at a local IT company. While I was there I realized my true passion was in Software Development.  From there I used my existing skills to secure an entry level position in a Software Development Agency. Throughout this time I was attending night classes at College of Staten Island for a computer science degree.
As I took on more and more responsibilities in my career, I found that I did not have time for the night time studies.  The key to success was and is my curiosity and my hunger to learn more.  That is the secret.  It is what gets you noticed by those who are in control of companies. My employers noticed that my knowledge base kept expanding and rewarded my for my efforts.
          My advice is to push your boundaries and compare yourself to your peers. Don’t hold yourself back by assuming you cannot accomplish a goal.
Stay hungry about learning. I am always ready to expand my knowledge about IT and about business operations.  

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