Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tyreek Penn's Post Secondary Success Story

Tyreek Penn, Class of 2011 stopped by my office, at McKee, today, Thursday, March 19, 2015.  I hollered and gave him a big hug.  It is great to see how this youngster is developing as proceeds in his post-secondary educational journey.  Here is his story:
Tyreek Penn Jr
McKee 2011
Adelphi University, BSN 2016
Nursing student on the path to achieve a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.
          A habit that made me successful in high school so that I was able to go to college was getting heavily involved with in my school as well as my studies. I was also good at building strong student to teacher relationships. McKee provided many opportunities here, including being the first Student Principal for a day. I often went to seek help from my teachers, and after constant studying I was really successful in high school.
          Theses habits helped me in college because although college is a whole new ball game, the fundamentals I learned in high school are still the same. I started off with an undeclared major in college. After freshmen year and a summer internship at Maimonides Medical Center on the Cardiac Critical Care Unit (CCU), I decided to declare my major in Nursing. I got heavily involved on campus such as becoming a Resident Assistant and an active member of Student Nurses Acting for Progress (SNAP) club. I visit my professors at least once a week to go over and receive material that I am learning in class.
          My turning point that helped me decide to go to college was the first marking period after freshmen year at McKee. I use to suffer from major nose bleeds my freshmen year. My grades went from 90s to 70s. I decided that this would never happen again. I wanted to go places in life. Ever since that first marking period in the ninth grade, I made sure that I was always on the honor roll.
          I decided to declare my major as Nursing, in my sophomore year at Adelphi University, I had to take a test to be eligible for the program. I joined the C-Step program (Science Club) and they provided tutoring for the Nursing Entrance Examination. This proved to be a strong move as I was accepted into the program at my school. I will complete my Nursing degree in May, 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science.

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