Monday, April 27, 2015

Day 1 - College and Career Week at McKee HS

Day 1 - 10th grade students heard from presenters: Mike Zinn – Mechanical Engineer;
Mike Shaleesh – Contractor; Mike Pietruch – Graphics/Software Engineer; Henry Rau – Computer Science/Repairs; Robert Widener – Architect / FDNY; Barbara Federico – Advertising; Stephen Mercaldo – Automotive;
Mike Hopkins – Verizon Fleet Operations; Ronald Woody – NYPD to name a few.
Teachers and some students used the symbol of wearing sunglasses to represent the glowing brightness of the future multiple paths of McKee HS students.

Yes, that's me, Ms. Henry, Principal of McKee HS.
 I have to wear sunglasses as the future of the students at McKee HS shines bright like the sun.

Here is a picture of the many presenters who spoke to our sophomores about College and Career options today, Day 1 of McKee's College and Career Week.

Here are some pics, taken by me, of students and staff sporting their sunglasses.
Brigid Howley (l-English instructor) and Jean Donohue (r-lab specialist) sporting sunglasses for Monday, April 27
Mr. Cyrus (student)

Ms. Haleema (student) and Randi Kornberg-Zuckerberg(paraprofessional) 
Laura Mahlooji (l-Social Studies Instructor)  and Kristin Lapenta (r-Science Instructor)
Joe Pietuch (l-presenter) and Leo Gordon (r-Grpahic Arts Instructor)

McKee faculty recognizing the bright futures of students (l-r) Steve Chandler, Karen Davis, Chris App, Joanna Padula,
Ms. Kaylin (student) 

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