Friday, May 15, 2015

Chris Richardson, McKee '14 - Post Secondary Journey

Christian Richardson, McKee '14 stopped by McKee. Here's his post-secondary success story.
Christopher Richardson
McKee 2014
BMCC, 2016
The activity that made me successful at McKee High School was learning how to communicate. I became very strong at talking to different teachers. Another activity that made me a better student and person was organizing different events.

Debate assignments frequently occur in college. Networking is an activity that a student must do in order to succeed. The skill that I have acquired from participating in networking events has developed my ability to extemporaneously speak.

I always knew I was supposed to go to college. McKee did help me to select the major that I would pursue in Borough of Manhattan Community College. My major is engineering science. People should know that the first year of college is devoted to satisfying general education requirements.

At first writing papers was a challenge at BMCC. Oh my God! I was not used to writing expository papers to such an extent. At BMCC there is a clear and distinct demand for long, detailed papers. I took advice from other students. I learned to make drafts, and then to revise and then edit before submitting the papers. I learned to be better at time management.

My advice to students at McKee: read more. Read newspapers. Read about current events from many different reliable sources because it makes you sound like you know what you are talking about when you are in formal situations surrounded by many different people who have many different experiences. It is necessary to be able to communicate. By talking to classmates, one gets key information and study tips to pass classes. From talking to professors, one gets participation points, and extra credit towards a grade.

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