Friday, May 15, 2015

Michael Martinez, McKee '14 stopped by to visit McKee High School!!!

Michael Martinez, McKee '14 stopped by to visit McKee High School. Here is his post-secondary success story.
Michael Martinez
McKee 2014

Universal Technical Institute, March 2016
The Automotive Technology program at McKee was and is my passion. I love working on cars. Mr. Sarno is a great teacher. Mr. Sarno has a big heart. He really cares. The only reason I am at Universal Technical Institute (UTI) is because Mr. Sarno took the Automotive Technology class on trips to different technical colleges. When I came back from one of the trips, I realized I had to improve my grades.

When I graduated, I started UTI on Sept. 29, 2015. It is a whole different trip. UTI is more advanced training. I learned how to take apart an engine; suspensions, brakes, and electrical. I have worked on diesel transmissions and diesel engines. Most of my classes at UTI feel like a review of what Mr. Sarno taught at McKee. There is a difference. At McKee, Mr. Sarno is watching your back. At Universal Technical Institute, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN.

There was only one class this year that I struggled with at UTI. It was the Electrical class. I really did not know much about the topic. It was my first time learning the information. I did not understand how power runs through wires. It was a whole different ball game. I had to get a passing grade. I took tutoring. I talked to my teachers. I never gave up. I received a B+ for my efforts.

To get into the automotive field, you need strong passion. You have to love cars. You have to be responsible. Those are the keys to McKee and to future success.

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