Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mohammed Aziz - Post Secondary Success Story

Check out who came in from California to stop by at McKee High School: Mohammed Aziz. Below is his post-secondary success story.

Mohamed Aziz
McKee 2014
University of San Francisco, BA

          A habit that has made me successful in high school and gave me the opportunity to attend college is taking everything a step at time. With homework, or running or activities, my motto is not to over think the situation or the problem, just break it down into pieces so that one can take it a step at a time.  It helped me to be able to concentrate, to focus on the issue, not overthink it or be afraid.
This habit helped me with homework because it was a big step to cope with the papers and making sure that I completed those assignments and fitting running into my schedule. It is all business when it comes to college. As soon as I get the assignment I start it because as a student-athlete I have to tightly manage my time. I do not have enough time, like non-athletes, to complete assignments.
I wanted to get out of Staten Island. I wanted to make a name for myself. I felt if I was going to leave Staten Island, I might as well go big and look for colleges that would offer the best package.  California is just like New York, except on the West coast.  It is the best of both worlds. I definitely recommend leaving home. It makes you become independent and a stronger learner.
One college success story deals with my freshmen year. At college I feel like my mind is challenged. I am learning. I receive and gladly accept advice. The school I attend has free tutoring, and provides intensive support, particularly during exam time, to assist students with understanding the subject area content. I also had team mate support. Plus, there is mandatory study hall which means student athletes, like me, must study in the library or in one of the rooms in the athletic department, for 8 hours.  You have to log in and complete the work. 8 hours goes by quick. Sometimes I clock more than the usual number of hours. The result:  I have a 3.5 grade average, which shows taking a step at a time, while the phrase may be cliché, works.   

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