Friday, October 2, 2015

Here's Eterneity Povod's Post Secondary Story

Ms. Eternity Povod, graduate of McKee 2015, stopped by, Friday, October 2, 2015, to show off her new braces. She'll be heading back to SUNY Adirondack on Sunday. Here is her post secondary story . . .

Eternity Povod,

McKee 2015
SUNY Adirondack College
Liberal Arts – Math and Science, BA 2019

      My Cornell Notes has helped me to make the transition from McKee to SUNY Adirondack. It’s helped me to be a great note taker.  It has helped my class mates as well. I didn’t think it was going to work and then Professor A’Hern, in the English course wanted me to explain the Cornell notes method.  There is a job at the college for note takers.  The professor asked, “Who wants to be a note taker?”  They have a smartboard. I came up and stood in front of the class, which has 150 students, drew the line and as the professor lectured, I just put her words into questions and notes, and put answers by questions so that it was organized. I sit right in the front row.  I got a B+ on my first essay and my classmates struggled.    Cornell Notes always helped me in high school and I plan to use it throughout college.

      I would definitely have to say the teachers were the turning point for me to decide to attend college.  After Ms. Gorgoglione and Ms. Kenavan and Ms. Pecora said, “You’ve got to go. You’ve got to go away,” I realized they believed in my ability to handle going away to college. After visiting SUNY Adirondack College and seeing my dorm room, which is huge, I realized that I would live in a suite. A suite means there are two people per living area, a dining room, living room and a kitchen.  We each have our own restroom. Those conditions convinced to go away to college.

      A top point that I have experienced in my first months at SUNY Adirondack is when I got my paper back from the professor. I was excited. My roommate is in the same writing class as I am. It’s called the CRW to check our essays before we turn it in.  I’m a good writer.  She went to the CRW, 5 days in a row and she received a “D”.  The professor’s feedback on my essay, which received a “B+”, was “Great organization. All you have to do is bring it back with the correct punctuation.” This was just the other day. I turned in the paper again before travelling to New York to get my new braces. Hopefully, my “B+” I will be upgraded to an “A” on Monday.” The 90 and 100 were in my labs in Biology.

      I plan to be an orthodontist.  I love the study of dentistry. I look at people’s teeth. I have always loved teeth.  My freshmen year at McKee, Ms. Kenavan said, “You need to start thinking about what you want to do.”  I was confused. One of my classmates at McKee said, "You are always smiling." I realized I do, and that I always am aware of people’s teeth.  From that I realization, I found my passion.

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