Saturday, October 10, 2015

MSIT Varsity v. Harry S. Truman HS Game on New Field

Check out my pictures that I took with my IPhone on this glorious day, 10.10.15 of the MSIT Varsity football game against Harry S. Truman.

First, a little background, all sports teams are combined of McKee and Staten Island Tech. One of the greatest combinations is the MSIT junior varsity and varsity football teams.

The new athletic field, which had the ground breaking ceremony in 2013, and was supposed to have the grand opening in August 2015, was finally available for the football team to play their first game.

The field is not finished. The girl's softball field is far from done.  There are still placement, storage, and safety features that have to be addressed. Still, the field was able to be ready for the students to play on after two years of being nomads.
Here are some RMHS students enjoying half-time, sitting on the bleachers. I am sort of shocked that I was able to actually take this picture given I have the shakiest hands in the west. 

MSIT players coming in to get advice and to switch direction playing on the field .  I may not know the football terms but I definitely understand how all the players fully enjoyed walking on level ground. I cannot tell you how many times the coaches and students regaled any and all who would listen about the old field in which they would have to clear out all manner of debris, and I mean all manner of debris, before they could practice or play.

Look at that blue sky. Talk about a lovely crisp day. Click here for a detailed description of the MSIT varsity game against Truman. Final score: MSIT-28 to Truman-14

Click here for the SI Advance article of the MSIT JV game against Truman that also occurred today, Saturday, 10.10.15. Final score: MSIT JV 14 to Truman JV-12.

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