Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Model NYC Council Project

Check out Joseph Mendoza (2nd from Left), McKee 2017 and Katelyn Rodriguez (Center) McKee 2017, participated in the fall Model New York City Council project on Saturday, November 21, 2015.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

30000 Degrees and McKee

McKee is part of the 30000 Degrees Initiative.  In November, at Wagner College, two students received honors for participating in the logo competition.  Kevin Carrera, McKee 2017, won first place in the logo competition.  Chynna Cummings received honorable mention
Kevin Carrera (L) and Jimmy Carrera (R) father - 1st place winner

SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Conference

These lovely young students that you see on the bus are the executive board of the McKee Chapter of SkillsUSA. So many activities and events happened that I only now realized I had not posted the pictures sent to me from the trip.

Here is the Official NYS SkillsUSA Fall Leadership 2015 Conference Recap Video

Composed by: 

Midge McCloskey
CFO & Membership Coordinator - NYS SkillsUSA

Katrina Fiorezna 
State Conference Coordinator - NYS SkillsUSA

Jorge Reynoso 
Membership Coordinator - NYC SkillsUSA
Lead Advisor - McKee CTE HS Chapter

Jessie Kalloo 
City Conference Coordinator - NYC SkillsUSA
Lead Advisor - Thomas Edison CTE HS Chapter

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What a Day - Promoting AVID At McKee to Garden City Educators

Ms. Noreen Daly Mullen, Ms. Brigid Howley, and Ms. Bleta Miftari addressed over 85 educators at a consortium in Garden City to demonstrate what AVID looks like at Ralph R. McKee High School, today, Nov. 17, 2015. The full day professional development ended with a half hour Question and Answer period with 9 students and Ms. Dawn Messina, "skyping" in from the principal's conference room at McKee.

Howley (L), Mullen (M), Miftari (R) prepping
Garden City educators participating in the Four Corners

9 McKee students about to Skype for Q & A with educators

Experiencing a Socratic Seminar using an AVID Weekly article
McKee students "skyping" in for the Question and Answer period

Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Peek at an AVID Tutorial

Here is Brigid Howley, English teacher at McKee High School, who organizes the students for an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) tutorial.
 This technique requires the teacher to guide students to fill out a request form in which they look at the notes of a subject they struggled with in the past two or three days. The student writes the essential question from the lesson, indicate the notes, vocabulary, and then generates a question that reflects his/her point of confusion.

Through the efforts of Ms. Mullen, Assistant Principal Humanities/AVID Coordinator, we have tutors from the College of Staten Island, who help the students, by facilitating the capability of the students to look at different resources to figure out how to address the point of confusion.

Friday, November 13, 2015

A peek into a Socratic Seminar on The Book Thief

Check out a snippet of McKee High School's Ms. Howley's class engaging in a Socratic Seminar in her sophomore class.  The students were in the midst of doing an interdisciplinary project with the Graphics Arts instructor, the Social Studies instructor and Ms. Howley based on their reading the novel The Book Thief. 

Click on the link

I always appreciate seeing how other instructors are able to orchestrate collaborative discussion sessions.

McKee's Software Engineering Program Highlighted in the CSA News

Check out the Borough Briefs Section of the November 2015 issue, the last page of CSA News.
Plus – the three young men you see pictured below were one of the 5 winners at the November 4th SEP Designathon that happened at Microsoft Offices at 11 Times Square.
It’s in the CSA News!!!!

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