Thursday, November 19, 2015

SkillsUSA Fall Leadership Conference

These lovely young students that you see on the bus are the executive board of the McKee Chapter of SkillsUSA. So many activities and events happened that I only now realized I had not posted the pictures sent to me from the trip.

Here is the Official NYS SkillsUSA Fall Leadership 2015 Conference Recap Video

Composed by: 

Midge McCloskey
CFO & Membership Coordinator - NYS SkillsUSA

Katrina Fiorezna 
State Conference Coordinator - NYS SkillsUSA

Jorge Reynoso 
Membership Coordinator - NYC SkillsUSA
Lead Advisor - McKee CTE HS Chapter

Jessie Kalloo 
City Conference Coordinator - NYC SkillsUSA
Lead Advisor - Thomas Edison CTE HS Chapter

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