Monday, December 12, 2016

Ms. Curcio uses the Tea Party Reading Strategy

Check it out - one of my English Language Arts teachers, Ms. Curcio's used the " Tea party strategy"
(pictures attached).  This research based instructional strategy helps students make predictions based on small chunks of text. It is the first in a series of three activities designed by Kylene Beers.

Tea party and the three strategies that follow are found on the PD tab of Collections. The PD tab is found on the Teacher Resource page.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FAFSA Completion Event/ Evento de completacion del formulario FAFSA

Financial aid season is upon us and it is time for you and your child to complete their application. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the only way that your child will be able to get federal and state grants and aid, low-interest student loans, and some scholarships.

We will be having a FAFSA Completion Event here at McKee High School to help you through all the steps of the application process. With the help of financial aid representatives from St. John's University and Berkeley College, you will be able to leave the event knowing you completed your application and your child will be on their way to getting money towards their education.

Beverages and snacks will be provided and all parents who attend automatically enter their student into a prize raffle. Remember - financial aid is first come, first served and we want to help you get as much money as possible! Please confirm your attendance with Ms. Jennifer Pecora at 718.420.2619 or

Noviembre 2016

Estimados Padres / Tutores de Estudiantes de McKee de 4to año,

La temporada de ayuda financiera está sobre nosotros y es hora de que usted y su hijo completen su solicitud. Completar la Solicitud Gratuita de Ayuda Federal para Estudiantes (FAFSA) es la única manera en que su hijo podrá obtener subsidios y ayudas federales y estatales, préstamos estudiantiles de bajo interés y algunas becas. Incluso si cree que no es elegible, ¡debe llenar la FAFSA porque todas las universidades requieren esta información!

Tendremos un Evento de Conclusión FAFSA aquí en McKee High School para ayudarle a través de todos los pasos del proceso de solicitud. Con la ayuda de representantes de la ayuda financiera de la Universidad de St. John's y el Colegio de Berkeley, usted podrá salir del evento sabiendo que completó su solicitud y su hijo estará en su camino para obtener dinero para su educación.

El evento tendrá lugar el sábado 10 de diciembre a las 12:30 pm. Representantes hablan Inglés y Español.

Consulte la parte posterior de la página para obtener información importante sobre la documentación necesaria para completar la FAFSA.

Se ofrecerán bebidas y aperitivos y todos los padres que asistan automáticamente ingresarán a su estudiante en una rifa de premios. Recuerde - la ayuda financiera es primero llegado, primero servido y queremos ayudarle a conseguir tanto dinero como sea posible! Por favor confirme su asistencia con la Sra. Jennifer Pecora al 718.420.2619 o

Saturday, December 3, 2016

McKee Auto Students Visit Lincoln Tech on 12.1.16

On December 1, 2016, Thursday, 35 Automotive students, from Mr. Sarno's 10th,11th, and 12th grade classes from McKee HS, visited Lincoln Tech in East Plainfield, NJ. This post-secondary trade school, which has partnered with McKee for over 6 years, has seen more then a dozen McKee students complete the program and find meaningful employment in the automotive industry.

Friday, December 2, 2016

4 McKee Students awarded Allen Hauber scholarships

Six high school students were awarded Allen Hauber scholarships at the annual 2016 Building Awards honor which honor the best in design and construction. Hauber was a valuable member and executive vice president of NARI-HIC of Staten Island. He died in September 2014. 
The recipients from McKee High School, from left to right, were Michael Rispoli, Joseph Mendoza, Ferdinand Guzman, Gabriella Perallon. The two students on either end of the picture were from Notre Dame Academy.

The ceremony was held at the Hilton Garden Inn on Friday, Dec. 2, 2016. The who's who of building, engineering, construction, design and electrical were present. The event was lovely.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Fun in the Lanes - McKee HS PTA Bowling Party

Check out McKee HS PTA Bowling Party that happened on Sunday, 11.20.16.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quarter Final PSAL Bowl Division - MSIT vs. Madison: 50 to 6

Trance Ravenell- RB

Check out the results of MSIT Quarter Final PSAL Bowl Division playoff game that happened today, Sunday, November 20, 2016.  Some would call the weather brisk.  I call it cold. On top of that,  tt was very windy. Still the "Soaring Seagulls" persevered over Madison with a score of 50 to 6.
Adel Alliyani - QB - #7

Check out the article in the Staten Island Advance:

Monday, November 7, 2016

McKee Key Club at Touch A Truck Event

So much has happened in the month of October I missed the action of the members of the McKee Key Club.

On Saturday, October 8th, the Staten Island Mental Health Society hosted an event called “Touch-a-Truck,” at Midland Beach. Touch-a-Truck was a collective event where local businesses and first responders volunteered their time and equipment for the chance for children and adults to experience the field. Hundreds of people visited the event throughout the day and it was very successful. Numerous Key Clubbers from McKee volunteered to setup, cleanup, and helped direct people to the correct places and entrances. We checked in with Kiwanians throughout the day regarding our stations and progress. Although it was difficult for some of us to wake up so early on a Saturday morning, helping out within our community, made it all worth  while. The best part was seeing the joy on all the faces of the little toddlers that came out that day…some even dressed up in firefighter and police costumes. The event, overall,  was very rewarding work that we would love to be a part of again

Workshops for Parents at McKee HS in November 2016

Worth checking out. . .

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Check out the Oct. 22, 2016 PTA meeting

Action packed Oct. 22 PTA meeting about the Bridge to STEM Initiative that is a product of the partnership between St. John's University and McKee High School. The Initiative offers courses in advanced science and math courses for juniors and seniors. The parents also heard an update about the progress of students in the Common Core English Regents. The date for seeing the first marking period report card was given, October 26, 2016. Along with the juicy pieces of information were the delicious empanadas. Translation services were provided by Mr. Ovalles and Ms. Carmona.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

McKee HS at Hamilton

Anthony Chaput, McKee HS '18, performing the group's poem from Mr. Chris App Jr. 'a US History class on the Broadway stage. The 1200 students selected to see Hamilton today is due to the Gilda Lehrman Foundation, Chancellor Farina, and the wonderful creators of the show. McKee had 60 students and 4 chaperones at the day long event.
When a school is selected to have a group of students see the show, the cooperating teacher receives educational resources, of which the 24-page booklet, which includes scaffolded projects, standards, and culminates in the classes selecting one representative to perform the project. It is so exciting to see how the final project provides an opportunity for students to perform on the actual stage of the show and see the show. WOW!

On the same day that 1200 students saw the October 19th Wednesday matinee of Hamilton, that night on Great Performances was the special on Hamilton.  Check out the special by clicking here or copying and pasting the following link into the web browser:

Monday, October 10, 2016

Dept. BP and Rose Kerr

On Thursday, October 6, 2016, Deputy Borough President Ed Burke (Left) and Education Director Rose Kerr (Right) stopped by McKee High School to present Justin Forlenza (Class of 2017) with a certificate for his outstanding accomplishment of being a national winner in information Technology at the 2016 SkillsUSA competitions in Louisville, Kentucky.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Luis Fraticelli Stops by McKee

Guess who stopped by today - Luis Fraticelli - Class of 2016. Check out his post-secondary success story.

Luis Fraticelli

McKee 2016
Alfred State College
Prof. Degree and License in Architecture - 2021

      What is the main habit that helped me at McKee? The main habit that helped me at McKee was developing close relationships with my teachers in order to understand curriculum. I did it in order to really relate to a teacher and understand the content. I wouldn’t then be nervous or afraid to ask for help.  It’s helped me in college to develop relationships and ask questions.

      The reason that I wanted to attend college is that I wanted to be the first person in my family to graduate college. What also helped me was the amazing support network that I received from friends and family. Plus I had a driving need to be an architect. Growing up in NYC architecture has been an aesthetic.  It has always been a dream of mind to construct and design an edifice that people can walk through.

      The first thing to do is to learn how to study. You may think you did well in high school without studying.  College gives you a nice reality check. You should not study a lot in one day. For every hour in class, you need to spend an hour reviewing what you learned. Make review sheets. It helps to stay ahead.

      My advice to seniors is enjoy the fun and freedom while it lasts. Be prepared to be your own individual in college or in the working world. Be ready to experience adulthood first hand. This means that anything that happens, you are responsible for yourself.  No one is going to help you. It’s on you.  Learn how to balance your social, physical, and educational life.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Setting up at an articulation fair

I just received this picture from two teachers at one of the city's articulation fairs. My new Electrical teacher and a history teacher teamed up to present McKee to prospective 8th grade students and their parents. The articulation fairs are usually held at different large schools.

Each of the 7 programs from McKee designed a logo representative of their career and technical education (CTE) program.  The trade programs are:

  1. Automotive
  2. Carpentry
  3. Electrical
The technical programs are:
  1. AAUTO-CAD/Architecture
  2. Computer Systems Information Technology
  3. Graphic Arts - Commercial Design
  4. Software Engineering

The new posters had their formats freshened up under the guidance of Ms. Kathy Eberlein (Assistant Principal Instructional Support Services), coordinator of the Articulation Committee. She collaborated over the summer with Chris Peters, a McKee graduate of June 2016, to update the posters indicating the 7 programs at the school. By the way, Chris is now a freshman at FIT.

Every location of an articulation fair presents its own unique challenges.  When everything is said and done, going low-tech with eye catching posters is a solution that's adaptable and works.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation Career Fair in Brooklyn on 9.21.16

40+ McKee High School students on Wednesday,September 21, 2016, traveled to Brooklyn to attend the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation Career Fair Tour in which students are exposed to careers and professionals in the entertainment industry. Check out the pictures.
Mr. DiMartino, McKee Graphics Teacher, (center) + Graphics students

Graphics students in front of W and J Smith Family Foundation logo

V. Balestrino (McKee Art Teacher-left), J. Smith (center); M. DiMartino (McKee Graphics Teacher-right)

Regina Hall (3rd from Left)

Panel discussion with entertainment industry professionals

Spotlight on Washington Mayancela, McKee Graduate 2014

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sharing tips for the opening days of school from Principal Henry

1.Every day is a day for instruction. The APs and I will be making 5 minute pit-stops to coach. The feedback sessions will be quick and informal. The goal - to jump start the implementation of rigor in the classroom through (W)riting, (I)nquiry, (C)ollaboration, (O)rganization, and (R)eading.

2. Set the ground rules for your classroom such as how to use Cornell Notes and be CONSISTENT
  • You do it-the students watch. 
  • You do it-the students help. 
  • Students do it - you help. 
  • Students do it - you watch and evaluate. Need a rubric - ask your AP.

3. Quick way to get to know the students. This technique works I have used it. Make a model with chart paper with your name in the middle.

A.   Have them take looseleaf paper and fold it in half.
B.   Have students use a marker to print their name in the middle.
C.   Then have them place something about them in each corner - for example - upper left corner a drawing of what they did this summer, lower left corner - print a word or two that best describes them (friendly, athletic, etc.), upper right corner a drawing of their favorite hobby or activity, lower right corner - favorite movie.
D.  After students are done, then tell them to get in groups of three. After 2-3 minutes have them switch to another group.
                     i.        For the more courageous - sometimes it is fun to have some music for this activity - as soon as the music begins they need to get into a group of three ). Stop the music - and have them share what they have drawn in one (or two) of the corners. After about 2-3 minutes start the music again and have them regroup into another - this time with different people. Share what is in the other corners. After doing this a few times,
E.   Have everyone sit down and select people to tell about what they learned about someone else in the room.

5. Check out this link for other ice-breaker activities to get to know the students: It will pay off.

or copy and paste it in your browser for a 5 minute explanation about Costas Levels of Questions. 
The video is for YOU to view and NOT the class. 
The video provides a clear explanation about the three levels of questions. Students get the three levels of questions when it is connected to a reading you are doing in the classroom.

  • You have to follow it up with a reading selection in which you have preplanned level 1, 2 and 3 questions. It works particularly if the text is challenging - which most texts are written 1-2 years above grade level. The reading selection can be a page, a paragraph from a newspaper, video with short reading selection or internet site. Modeling is key.
    • You do it-the students watch. 
    • You do it-the students help. 
    • Students do it - you help. 
Students do it - you watch and evaluate. Need a rubric - ask your AP

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Lesson Plan With a Purpose

I have found that a lesson plan is a blue print that is crucial to the foundation of relaying content to students. There is also the capability of using ideas from various programs in order to create a ladder by which teachers are able to clearly indicate what needs to be said, what the students need to do, how the students demonstrate their understanding, and building the capacity to self assess and peer assess. The template below comes from the Teacher Fellows Program and is  not only a great tool to construct a lesson plan, but also for reflection and one that a supervisor can use in debriefing sessions.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Back to school student schedule at McKee - Thurs. Sept. 8, 2016

Scroll down to see the updated "back to school" schedule for students at McKee for Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016.

ralph McKee High School

290 St. Marks Place
Staten Island, New York 10301
Sharon Henry, Principal
Phone (718) 420-2600 Fax (718) 981-8776

September 2016


A.                Thursday, September 8, 2016:

Teacher Time:                                   7:45 – 2:35
Students Report:                               8:00 – 2:33

                                                             *Special Bell Schedule*

Program distribution
8:00 AM

9:00 AM



9:02 AM


9:37 AM


9:39 AM
10:14 AM
10:16 AM
10:51 AM
10:53 AM
11:28 AM
11:30 AM
12:05 PM
12:07 PM
12:42 PM
12:44 PM
1:19 PM
    1:21 PM
1:56 PM
1:58 PM
2:33 PM


Students report at 8:00 AM to the rooms below and will remain in these rooms until 9:00 AM.  Distribute materials from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM.  Students are to remain in the room until the bell at 9:00.  Do not distribute any passesAll unclaimed program cards and metro cards will be picked up from your room at 8:55.  Along with the program cards in your folder will be Program Change Request Forms.  Distribute them to students that need a change and you (the teacher) return Program Change Request forms to Ms. Eberlein.  Students must carry their program cards at all times.  They must present their program card upon the request of any staff member.  All change requests are forwarded to the Guidance Counselor/Grade Advisor.  Students that do not receive a program must report to the auditorium at 9:00 AM.

*All undistributed Program Cards should be brought to the Auditorium at 9:00 AM.



Seniors Report To:           Student Cafeteria
(Ms. Pecora, Ms. Pezzolo, Mr. Sarno, Mr. Pedersen)
Freshman Report To:                 Auditorium
                                      (Ms. Ippolito, Ms. Licata, Ms. Messina, Mr. Eberlein, Ms. Flajsing,
Ms. Connors, Ms. Jensen, Mr. Scotti, Mr. Paulucci)

Sophomores, Juniors & Holdovers Report To The Rooms Listed Below:

Student Last Name
Room #
T- U-V
W-X- Y-Z

Latecomers Report To:     Auditorium at 9:00 AM

C.           Metro Cards

All unissued Metro Cards will be distributed to students in the cafeteria between periods 4-7.

Apture Multimedia