Thursday, June 2, 2016

AVID Path Training Session at McKee HS

On May 31st & June 1st, McKee HS students saw 20 educators in
room 413 attend AVID Path Professional Development. 

The topic: Critical Reading Strand II. My school has used AVID methodologies for the past 6 years. The 20 educators were from English, Social Studies, CTE and Science. The topics that were explored were fascinating:

1. Appointment calendar
2. Pausing to connect: Questions & Methods
3. Frayer Models: Across Subject Areas
4. Charting the text
5. Analyzing a Writing Prompt
6. Analyzing Arguments
7. Analyzing & Summarizing Evidence
8. Philosophical Chairs

The techniques discussed and shown pushed the thinking and provided fine tuning protocols that will be readily implemented in the classroom.
Students topped by the room and would peer through the little window and point to one another, positively amazed at the notion that being an educator requires that one is constantly learning.  I realized, all of the PD and staff development occurs at designated times when the students have a "non-instruction day." Realizing that subs would be called in to cover their subject area teacher's class so that the teacher would be learning information to improve their pedagogy literally blew the minds of the students.  I printed out the pictures, and posted them on the bulletin board with a list of topics covered in the two day training sessions, outside of the office, with one of my favorite motivational signs that I saw on Pinterest.

 In this school:
believe in ourselves and never give up.

We don’t do EASY!
We make EASY happen through

We wonder . . .
We think critically, analyze information
& make connections.

We do what is needed

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