Thursday, August 11, 2016

STEM 2016 Showcase at McKee HS

I am still floating from the event that occurred at Ralph R. McKee CTE High School today, 8.11.16, and I just had to share:

Today, on August 11th, approximately 80 students from 6th to 9th grade, presented projects from the 6 week STEM Summer in the City Program held at Ralph R. McKee CTE High School. The audience was made up of parents and:

a) Ms. Laura Winter - Project Manager STEM Dept.-Curriculum Instructional and Professional Learning
b) Mr. Jose Burbano - Curtis HS Assistant Principal Safety & Security - Site supervisor
c) Rich Marin - CEO of NY Wheel
d) Adaliz Gonzalez - Citywide Instructional Lead NYCDOE STEM
e) Sharon Henry - Ralph R. McKee CTE HS Principal - Host School

The projects, developed by the students under the guidance of teachers throughout Staten Island, ranged from eco-friendly solutions for travel: improving infrastructure and cities: using various software programs to develop artwork and learning spaces around the NY Wheel; coding programs to develop games and generate various combative games and navigation of mazes using Lego robotics.

The video of the event is entitled STEM 2016:

Here's the link to photos of STEM 2016:

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