Saturday, September 24, 2016

Setting up at an articulation fair

I just received this picture from two teachers at one of the city's articulation fairs. My new Electrical teacher and a history teacher teamed up to present McKee to prospective 8th grade students and their parents. The articulation fairs are usually held at different large schools.

Each of the 7 programs from McKee designed a logo representative of their career and technical education (CTE) program.  The trade programs are:

  1. Automotive
  2. Carpentry
  3. Electrical
The technical programs are:
  1. AAUTO-CAD/Architecture
  2. Computer Systems Information Technology
  3. Graphic Arts - Commercial Design
  4. Software Engineering

The new posters had their formats freshened up under the guidance of Ms. Kathy Eberlein (Assistant Principal Instructional Support Services), coordinator of the Articulation Committee. She collaborated over the summer with Chris Peters, a McKee graduate of June 2016, to update the posters indicating the 7 programs at the school. By the way, Chris is now a freshman at FIT.

Every location of an articulation fair presents its own unique challenges.  When everything is said and done, going low-tech with eye catching posters is a solution that's adaptable and works.

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