Friday, October 7, 2016

Luis Fraticelli Stops by McKee

Guess who stopped by today - Luis Fraticelli - Class of 2016. Check out his post-secondary success story.

Luis Fraticelli

McKee 2016
Alfred State College
Prof. Degree and License in Architecture - 2021

      What is the main habit that helped me at McKee? The main habit that helped me at McKee was developing close relationships with my teachers in order to understand curriculum. I did it in order to really relate to a teacher and understand the content. I wouldn’t then be nervous or afraid to ask for help.  It’s helped me in college to develop relationships and ask questions.

      The reason that I wanted to attend college is that I wanted to be the first person in my family to graduate college. What also helped me was the amazing support network that I received from friends and family. Plus I had a driving need to be an architect. Growing up in NYC architecture has been an aesthetic.  It has always been a dream of mind to construct and design an edifice that people can walk through.

      The first thing to do is to learn how to study. You may think you did well in high school without studying.  College gives you a nice reality check. You should not study a lot in one day. For every hour in class, you need to spend an hour reviewing what you learned. Make review sheets. It helps to stay ahead.

      My advice to seniors is enjoy the fun and freedom while it lasts. Be prepared to be your own individual in college or in the working world. Be ready to experience adulthood first hand. This means that anything that happens, you are responsible for yourself.  No one is going to help you. It’s on you.  Learn how to balance your social, physical, and educational life.

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