Wednesday, April 5, 2017

9th and 12th Grade Partake in 4 Programs at Snug Harbor

What's a principal to do with the 9th and 12th grade on April 5th, SAT Day? Listen to the idea of her COSA and have the 9th and 12th grade partake of four educational programs offered at Snug Harbor. The four programs were:
--> Wetlands Energy in which students understand the ecological importance of the natural terrain in the area.

--> Heritage Farm Sprout to Mouth in which students tour a farm started by sailors using sustainable farming methods.

-->Chinese Scholars Garden in which students participate in Calligraphy or Art to maximize their appreciation of understanding written language.

-->Historical in which students tour the landmarked buildings of Snug Harbor.  The entire complex is a testament to being one of the largest "adaptive reuse projects" in the United States.

The weather held. The temperature was 60 degrees. 

Educational + inspirational + vocational + aspirational = a neat time had by all at the Snug Harbor cultural Center & Botanical Garden.

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