Sunday, May 28, 2017

Cafe McKee Students Use "Roots & Shoots" Sponsored Garden

Ms. Glickman's 5th period science class is involved in the CTE program called Cafe McKee. 
The alternate assessment students are responsible for running a "deli." In the setting they are guided to learn skills that follow the curriculum of VESID in customer service, accounting, budgeting, and supply acquisition.
To connect to the CTE program, Ms. Glickman has the students participating in a "roots to shoots" initiative so that they will grow their own herbs to enhance their selection for breakfast at Cafe McKee.
On Friday, 5.26.17, they planted, oregano, basil, red bell pepper. They also acquired a plant stand and different flowers.
Check out Roots to Shoots which offered the grant, to which Ms. Glickman applied, in order to fund the Cafe McKee garden:…/roots-shoots-students-nyc.

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