Saturday, May 20, 2017

Stopping by PS 18's Career Day

A few McKee seniors went to the Career Day at P.S. 18 and spoke to students about what they have learned at McKee High School in their career fields. 
The students that went were:
Keif Gonzalez Jr
Mark Bethea
Reinalys Morales
Joseph Mendoza
Chynna Cummings

Diamond Hopkins

Check out the album:

The email below from the counselor at PS 18 is a review:

Just want to thank you for yesterday. As always, your students were a big hit! Thank you to you, your colleague and to everyone that attended.  All of my students I'm talking with  today, tell me that  "the teenagers" were their favorite.  Please thank them for us, we know its a busy time for you all and that we appreciate them giving us their time. They truly have such a positive impact.
Thanks again!
Stephanie DeSabato

Guidance Counselor  P.S. 18

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