Saturday, June 3, 2017

SEP Hackathon at McKee HS on June 3, 2017

SEP Hackathon struck again. The theme: Night of the Living Hackathon. Location: Date: 6.3.17.

An SEP Hackathon gives students the time and tools to experience the design process firsthand through a fun and fast-paced daylong challenge. The Hackathon Challenge on this lovely Saturday, June3, was to develop a computer program, game or digital media that dealt with our rising "Zombie Apocalype" problem!!!

Seeing 17 students come in on a Saturday to participate in a "brain" exercise is a joyous event for a principal to see.

5 prizes were awarded:

Best Creativity aka Mad Scientist was Team Zombie Run

Best Functionality aka Survivalist was Team Senior

Best Graphics aka Doom Painter was Team Bi Tree

Best Articulation of Project Idea aka Governor was Rush Hour 5

Grand Prize Winner: Team Covfefe

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